Supply Buying Guide For Building A Motorized Drift Trike

Posted on: 17 August 2016

Drift trikes started out as nothing more than a trike frame that was towed behind a vehicle and then cut loose to drift. The result was high speed fun as one tried to control the drifting. They have come a long way since, with many now equipped with their own pedals or motors. In fact, it's possible to buy all the parts and create your own custom motorized drift trike. The following is a guide to the parts you will need.

#1: The frame

All good drift trikes start with the right frame. While it's possible to completely fabricate your own frame from scratch, this can be a complicated process if you aren't an experienced fabricator or welder. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to find pre-fabricated trike frames for sale, so you can purchase one to your exact specifications.

#2: The wheels and tires

The next vital part will be the wheels. The front wheel on a drift trike is large, so go for a standard 20-inch mountain bike or BMX wheel and tires. Skip commuter and street tires – these are too narrow and smooth for a drift trike. For the rear wheels, go-kart wheels work exceptionally well. You will need two of these along with a rear trike axle. You may be able to purchase a frame with the axle attached, or you can purchase an axle separately and bolt it to the frame.

#3: Foot pegs

Since the trike is going to be motorized, there is no reason to install pedals. Instead, get yourself a pair of bike wheel pegs and install them on the front wheel so you have a place to rest your feet.

#4: Handlebars and brakes

Much like the rear axle, you may be able to purchase a frame with included handlebars. If not, it's relatively easy to get the custom bars you want and slide them into place on the frame. You also need to get a front brake system and install it on the front tire and connect it to a hand controller on the handlebars.

#5: Seat

You can get creative with the seat. There are custom molded, lightweight plastic seats available just for drift trikes. You can also scavenge a lightweight seat with a low back from a chair, such as by modifying a standard school desk chair. The seat is placed on the frame so that it is nearly over the rear axle.

#6: Motor kit

A kit is the way to go when adding a motor. These come with the motor, mounting brackets, and the handlebar throttle control. The motor itself is usually mounted to the front arm of the frame, just beneath the handlebars. This ensures that it can be easily connect to the front wheel and the throttle control.

For more help, contact a dealer that has drift trike parts for sale, such as StolenTrike.