Three Mistakes For First-Time Gun Owners To Avoid

Posted on: 25 April 2017

It should come as no surprise that purchasing your first firearm should come with plenty of forethought and planning. Although the actual shopping and purchase of the gun can be exciting, it isn't something to be undertaken lightly. Although a gun is a tool, it is also a weapon, and it therefore requires respect. Avoid the following new gun owner mistakes to ensure you make the right purchase.

#1: Not thinking through your reasons thoroughly

Everyone has their own reasons to consider gun ownership, and it's important that you know your reasons so that your choose the right firearm. For example, you need to consider a vastly different gun if your reason is turkey hunting as opposed to home protection. If hunting is your primary reason of ownership, you need to look at the hunting regulations on the animal and in the state where you plan to hunt, and purchase accordingly.

For target shooting, decide whether you prefer to use a low-power rifle or a handgun – the choice may have to fall within certain parameters if you want to target shoot competitively versus for fun. As for home ownership, pistols or handguns are generally easier to master for the new owner as opposed to shotguns and rifles. However, a service in your area, such as Wilcox Bait Tackle, can give more information on which gun would be best for your needs. 

#2: Ignoring basic maintenance needs

Owning a gun is more than simply buying the firearm and a box of ammo – you also need to know how to maintain the weapon. Cleaning must be done after every shooting session, even if you use the gun infrequently. Gun powder leaves a residue in the barrel and chamber after a shot is fired. The best way to learn how to maintain your specific gun is to ask – either at the place where you purchased it or by taking the firearm in to a gunsmith's. They can show you the proper way to clean and oil the weapon, as well as going through the necessary safety protocols of cleaning.

#3: Skipping basic safety precautions

There are two safety precautions to consider before you purchase that first gun. First and foremost, have a safe or gun lock already on hand to store the firearm safely. Second, make plans for gun training. A safe or lock is especially important if there are ever children in your home, as these are the best ways to avoid a tragedy. Unless you have plenty of experience with the specific type of gun you choose, gun safety and use training is vital. Along with training, make sure to take time to visit a range and practice with your chosen gun so that you are skilled at using it.

For more help, check with a store that has guns for sale in your area.