Ensuring An Unobstructed View When Wearing Sporting Eyewear

Posted on: 15 May 2017

If you enjoy spending time doing athletic activities that require you to wear goggles or protective eyewear, such as skiing, baseball, or soccer, you may have noticed your vision is less than perfect as you start to move around due to weather conditions or perspiration. There are several steps you can take to help keep your eyewear from becoming fogged up as you engage in sporting activities. Here are some tips you can try to ensure you have a clear view of the playing field or slopes as you enjoy your sporting hobby.

Purchase A Lens Defogging Agent

There are several products on the market that will help in protecting your eyewear from becoming fogged up due to temperature changes. A fog cleaner can be applied directly to the lenses of your glasses or goggles before you start moving around. Most of these cleaning solutions are rubbed over the glass with a clean piece of microfiber cloth so scratches are not sustained during the process.

The agent will help in keeping fogging from occurring altogether, ensuring you have a crisp, clear view of your surroundings. It is best to reapply the solution each time you head out to enjoy your sporting event. Your can find out more about anti fog cleaner for lens online.

Keep Your Hair Away From Your Face

To help in keeping your vision unobstructed, it is important to keep items way from your eye gear. If you have a long hair style, it would be beneficial to tie it back or up so strands do not fly in front of your glasses or goggles as you enjoy your sporting endeavor. A hat, headband, or sweatband can be used to keep longer pieces of hair out of your face as well. This will aid in keeping beads of sweat from landing upon your eyewear.

Carry A Small Towel For Quick Cleanings

If your eye gear gets fogged up while you are playing a game or hitting the slopes, wiping the lenses with a clean piece of cloth can help in removing condensation from their surfaces. Make sure to tuck a cleaning cloth inside a pocket if you find your eyewear is not allowing you a clear view. During a break you can use it to remove any moisture from the lenses before continuing with your activity.

A separate piece of cloth or a soft towel can be used to mop your brow to remove perspiration. This will stop it from dripping onto your eyewear, possibly obstructing your view as a result.