Designing Creative Baseball Trading Pins

Posted on: 29 June 2017

Young athletes enjoy collecting memorabilia from major tournaments and games they play in throughout their career. Before games players from various teams often get together to engage in the trading of pins with team, tournament, and championship logo information. Providing the players on your team with creative pins they can use in this trading process allows your young athletes to amass a collection of pins that will serve as a reminder of important milestones within their baseball careers.

Here are three tips that you can use to design creative pins that will be desirable when your players are engaged in trading.

1. Create a colorful design.

The bright colors created by the various types of enamel that are used to make baseball trading pins are part of what make these pins so desirable. In order to ensure that the pins you create for your young players to trade will be sought after, you should take the time to create a colorful design.

The colors within your team's logo should be vivid, and these colors should be set against a vibrant background to really help your baseball trading pins stand apart.

2. Invest in photo screen pins.

There are many different methods used to create baseball trading pins. If you want your design to appear as precise as possible, then you should invest in photo screen pins. The photo screening process allows a complex and very detailed image to be transferred directly onto the metal surface of the pin.

By investing in photo screen pins you are able to incorporate color fading, minute details, and even photographs onto the surface of your pins.

3. Think about possible upgrades.

When it comes to creating a baseball trading pin that will be unlike anything young players have collected in the past, you might want to consider the benefits of investing in upgrades. Adding a blinking light, glitter, or a ball that spins to the design of your trading pins will help enhance the overall design of the image on your team's pins.

These upgrades can make your pins some of the most sought after during trading events, helping your players to meet more of their peers and create lasting memories.

Engaging in the trading of team pins is a great way for young players to commemorate important events within their baseball career. By using bright colors, investing in photo screen pins, and incorporating unique upgrades into your design, you will be able to create memorable trading pins for your youth baseball team.