3 Unique Bets To Make Using Basketball Picks

Posted on: 24 February 2022

Some of the most common bets you will find in the world of basketball includes straight-up bets to see who wins the game. If you dive a little deeper, you can expand your betting options and use basketball picks to your advantage. As you study picks and statistics, learn about some of the more unique bets to make and change the way you enjoy watching basketball games.

1. Race To Points

The "Race to Points" bet category covers betting on the team to reach a certain amount of points first. For example, you could bet a "Race to 10 Points" and choose a team you think will reach ten points first. The amount expands upward and is even split up into quarters. For example, you could bet which team will reach ten points first in the third quarter.

The key to betting the "Race to Points" is to study basketball picks and see the full analysis of teams. Some teams are known for starting fast and furious out of the gate while others establish a defensive and conservative strategy. With the balance of the two, you can determine which teams have better odds of reaching certain point marks before others.

The favored team may not be the best choice. For example, a team may shoot three-pointers early in a game and have more chances of building up scores quickly.

2. Winning Margins

Some bets with bigger odds and payouts are winning margin bets. The winning margin bet means that not only do you pick the winning team, but you pick a range of how much the team wins by. For example, you could pick a team to win by 7 to 10 points. The winning margin bets are ideal if you study a lot of basketball picks.

The picks will often include score predictions and previous match-ups between the teams. Through the calculations, you have the opportunity to average out their winning margins and make smart bets based off those statistics. You can see if teams barely squeaked out victories or have had a lot of blowout wins.

3. Player Combos

A player combo bet will include the number of points a player scores and pair it up with another statistic. For example, you could predict the amount of points a player scores with their rebounds. Basketball picks highlight top rebounders, players with a lot of assists, and players with steals. Those factors will help you make bet decisions.

Take your time to really read and study basketball picks. The effort will help you make informed bets rather than just betting on a whim.